Hi, I'm Jacob.

An aspiring Full-Stack Developer & Web Designer with a passion for creating high-performance responsive web apps.

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My passion for web development and design started sometime in 2017 after I had learned that my uncle was a programmer. Soon after, I quickly downloaded my first code editor, Bracket, and self-thought by experimenting with HTML and CSS. Since then, I have increased my knowledge and gained experience from various web programming and UX/UI design courses. Today I am working on leveling up my skills, my confidence in networking, and building a portfolio in part with some blogging on the side. When I'm not working on the web, I love to read books and play games.


let FullStack = [' HTML', ' CSS', ' Javascript', ' Node.js', 'Ruby', '', ' Python'];
let Frameworks = ['TailwindCSS', 'Svelte', 'Typescript', ' React', ' Vue', 'Express'];
let CompSci = ['C', ' Swift'];
const Apps = ['VSCode', '', ' GitHub Desktop', ' GitHub CLI', ' Figma', ' FontAwesome'];